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Leading with Emotional Health Part 2

Guests: Danny Silk July 28th, 2015


“In the 2nd episode of this month’s JCLP we continue tackle and talk about a tough issue that often times goes ignored in a leader’s life. When emotions are neglected a leader and those who follow him or her are effected. Banning, Kim, Chris and Becky talk about why what’s going on inside of us matters. If leaders are not emotionally healthy we create environments that are unhealthy. Healthy leaders however reproduce environments that people can thrive in. Also, In the Game is back as Banning connects with the Assistant Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Rocky Seto. Special Interview with Danny Silk: Loving on Purpose For over a year now our team has been working around the clock to build a platform that will provide leaders access to a healthy community, infuse them with strength and courage to lead boldly, and equip those specifically called to build lampstand churches, awaken campuses and engage culture so that we witness cities and nations being transformed. We would like you to consider becoming a part of this community and walk with us at a deeper, more intimate level. Simply go to to explore JCLC’s trial issue now!    “

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Banning Liebscher
Lead Pastor
Becky Johnson
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Phil Manginelli
Lead Pastor, The Square ATL

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