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Leading with Flavor Part 1

Guests: Bill Johnson January 6th, 2016


As we start 2016 we thought it would be good to remind everyone why we started the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast. We want to see cities and nations transformed, yet in order to witness that we felt the need to inspire leaders in church, campus and culture. This year it’s our desire to see the JCLP community multiplied as together we go after the mandate God has given us. You will hear a lot of our heart in this episode!

Banning’s 2016 Reading List:

  1. The Normal Christian Life
  2. Secrets of the Silence
  3. Creativity, Inc.
  4. His Excellency George Washington
  5. Founding Brothers
  6. Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
  7. Open Wide the Freedom Gates
  8. Small Cloud Rising
  9. It’s Not What You Think
  10. Sandcastle Kings
  11. Politics According to the Bible
  12. Center Church

Podcast Hosts

Banning Liebscher
Lead Pastor
Becky Johnson
Executive Pastor
Phil Manginelli
Lead Pastor, The Square ATL

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