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Overcoming Loss: Cody Williams

Guests: Cody Williams May 22nd, 2020


Loss is something we all face at different levels and in different seasons. The question is how do we respond and what does our relationship with God look like when we face loss. We sat down with a really close friend of our host Zack and a key part of the Jesus Culture team Cody Williams. He is a Pastor, entrepreneur, real estate agent, creative, networker and a father of 5 girls. Cody shared his story about overcoming loss and the challenges he faced throughout his life, starting at a young age. We talked about being a dad, family, eternity, living in the moment, overcoming loss in his relationship with his father, choosing forgiveness, not being a victim and more. We really believe this episode will encourage and bring hope, healing and perspective for many guys out there. This is our conversation with Cody Williams. 

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