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Radical Discipline = Radical Freedom: Zac Ernst

Guests: Zac Ernst June 21st, 2021


Zac Ernst is a waterman. Formerly a Seal Beach Lifeguard, surfer, spear fisherman, and long-distance Stand-up Paddler. A few years ago, he paddled solo across the Channel, from Catalina to Seal Beach. Professionally, Zac is an entrepreneur in Fintech & Payments and is passionate about bringing the Kingdom of God to the marketplace. He is also an amazing father and husband.

For the past six years, he has led a beach workout program for men called PURSUIT (formerly Savage Seals). PURSUIT is a holistic men’s program designed to give you everything you need to pursue physical, mental, and spiritual health. Over the last 6 years, this beach workout has changed guys lives. People have met Jesus, overcome fear, broken addictions, become better dads, and saved their marriages. All from one dude inviting some guys to workout on the beach. Enjoy this conversation with Zac Ernst.

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