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The Art of Fathering: Derek Johnson & Skyler Smith

Guests: September 16th, 2019


One of the most important roles, positions or titles a man can have is being a Father. Status, fame or wealth will never be able to substitute or replace the honored privilege of investing your life into someone else. The legacy that we leave behind must go beyond what we personally accomplish and instead be measured by what we pass on. In what we give away and model to those coming after us. This is success! In this episode we sat down with Skyler Smith and Derek Johnson. We talked about the Art of Fathering. What success really is as a Dad. We talked about our failures, coffee, UFC, shared a couple Dad life hacks, we shared stories and laughed a lot. Hopefully you will be encouraged and reminded that the Art of Fathering is a sacred role and honor as a man. That family is our first ministry and priority in life.

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