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The Discipleship Example of Jesus

August 26th, 2018


As we continue our Summer of Jesus series here at JC Sacramento, Banning Liebscher talks through one of the main characteristics that Jesus displayed during His time here on earth: discipleship.
In Jesus’ Great Commision to us all, He calls us to live as He lives. His value for individuals was apparent in the way that He consistently poured Himself into the twelve disciples. We’ve learned that here is a level of maturity that can only happen within community; you can teach thousands but you cannot disciple more than a handful.
Living that lifestyle of discipleship is as simple as sharing your life with others. Listen as Banning reminds us that the greatest investment you will ever make is in people. This message will challenge you to ask the Lord who you are investing in, and who is investing in you.

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Banning Liebscher
Lead Pastor

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