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The Goodness of God in Darkness and Pain: Phillip Ward

Guests: Phillip Ward June 19th, 2020


Phillip Ward is a man who carries the father’s heart in everything he does. He has a passion to see a generation come into their true identity as sons and daughters of a good and loving God. Since a very young age he had developed practical skills and talents in the construction trades and business that he now uses to disciple young people to become men and women of God with viable skills. He and his wife Amy Ward are full-time missionaries with Youth With A Mission and Phillip uses his skills in areas of leadership of Kona Campus Development team in building out the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, as well as developing and overseeing Tekton Trade Construction Trade School that is sending out a wave of skilled missionaries into the inner cities and developing nations. His life is rich with experiences that have shaped his life. He grew up doing ministry in the inner cities of Texarkana, Arkansas with his family . He lived in Alaska working construction, as a hunting guide and working in the oil fields. He’s a hunter, grills, smokes or BBQs meat at another level. He has developed many types of trade skills such as Carpentry, Masonry, Welding, Pipe Fitting and Iron Work. He is also a very skilled artist and his work reflects it. One of his greatest passions is to trade schools in all the nations. Phillip’s story is powerful as he overcame some really dark movements in the midst of loss and pain  even contemplating suicide at his lowest point. His life was transformed and he is on a mission to see God do that over and over in other people’s lives. Here is our conversation with Phillip Ward.

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