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The Identity Exchange: Jamie Winship

Guests: Jamie Winship August 2nd, 2021


Jamie Winship has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas working alongside governments, intelligence agencies, and more. After a distinguished career in law enforcement in the metro Washington DC area, Jamie earned an MA in English and developed a unique process called the Identity Method. His unconventional efforts to bring about societal and racial reconciliation led him to Indonesia, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and now Seattle. Jamie has worked with leaders in professional sports, business, education, law enforcement, government, non-profit and other sectors. Jamie and his wife, Donna, are co-founders and the corporate arm, providing training and consulting in the transformative power of living fearlessly in your true identity. The stories Jamie shares are amazing, but even more than that he has a way to bring people into a place of discovering or remembering their true identity.

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