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What's In Your Basket?

May 20th, 2018


Our very own Youth Pastor, Becky Johnson, shared a powerful message on the topic of surrender this week at JC Sacramento. Becky has an incredible testimony filled with the power of God’s redemptive kindness.
By walking us through her own story and the story of Moses’ mother in Exodus 2, she reminds us that trust and surrender are what lead us to His plan for redemption. No matter how broken or big the situation feels, God’s plan is better than you could ever imagine. Moses’ mother fully surrendered her son to the Lord by placing him in a basket in the river as an act of complete trust. Although survival was probably her biggest desire, God’s plan for Moses went far beyond that! Ultimately, God doesn’t want part of you, He wants all of you. He’s not calling you to understand or control, He’s calling you to trust and surrender. Living a life of trust and surrender is a daily choice and this message is the perfect reminder to put everything in the basket!

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