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Healthy Families is a weekly meeting committed to strengthening marriages. We meet every Monday night for 3 months on and 3 months off.

We believe that whole, healthy families will change the world, and becoming whole and healthy doesn't happen overnight.We will focus on thriving marriages and families.

So often it is tools and concepts that can take us to the next level in the culture of our home, but a community of people fighting for the same thing makes the culture sustainable. At Jesus Culture Sacramento, we want you to thrive so your family can live out its God-given call.

A healthy person creates a successful marriage, which builds a powerful family culture that ultimately has an impact on our community, putting Jesus on display in how we love one another.

Ben & Brittney Serpell

About Us

Ben & Brittney Serpell were married in 2003 and have three wonderful children. They are working together to help others strengthen and heal their marriages and create strong families.

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