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Here at JC Sacramento, we believe in living a lifestyle of constant learning and growth! There are a few different courses available here at JC Sacramento, and we’d love to see you at one (or them all!).

We’re pleased to offer childcare for all course attendees during the 11am service for children 0-5th grade. Registration is required. Click here to get started.

Upcoming Schedule

April 7 • Blessed Life: Week 1
April 7 • Elements Week 1: Our History and Heartbeat
April 7 • Defining the Relationship: Week 5
April 14 • Blessed Life: Week 2
April 14 • Elements Week 2: Creating Healthy Community
April 14 • Defining the Relationship: Week 6
April 28 • Blessed Life: Week 3
April 28 • Elements Week 3: Becoming Contributors and Leaders
April 28 • Defining the Relationship: Week 7
May 5 • Defining the Relationship: Week 8
May 12 • Elements Week1: Week 1 Our History and Heartbeat
May 12 • Defining the Relationship: Week 9
May 19 • Elements Week 2: Creating Healthy Community
May 19 • Defining the Relationship: Week 10
May 26 • Elements Week 3: Becoming Contributors and Leaders

The Elements Course

Discover your place at Jesus Culture Sacramento

The Elements Course is revolving class that takes place most Sundays here on campus. You can complete the course by attending all three classes in any order. During the three week course you will receive an overview of what we are going after as a church family and why we’ve taken a different approach in creating our church. You’ll also find out how you can discover your place as a Host, serving and contributing meaningfully at Jesus Culture Sacramento.


Defining the Relationship

You and your significant other will embark on an incredible journey with us for 10-weeks in a powerful eCourse taught by Danny Silk. This course is designed to help equip and guide you both in what it means to define the relationship and build a foundation for a healthy and happy life together.


The Awakened Life Course

Your story is significant

Everyone has been thoughtfully designed and purposed. Each one of us is part of something beautiful, thrilling, greater than ourselves. We’re not meant to just get by or maintain, to live muted or disconnected lives. The Awakened Life Course will help you discover the significance of your story, identify the gifts and desires you carry, all while encouraging you to overcome barriers, and propel you toward your unique purpose. This is a 4-session course for those who have already graduated from Elements.


The Blessed Life Course

Creating a culture of generosity

Generosity is a normal part of the lifestyle of a follower of Jesus, because we take our lead from a generous God. We believe that this course will impact every area of your life: your finances, family, emotions, health and relationships. When we align our lives with God’s values and design, every part of our journey benefits. The course consists of 4 sessions and will run every other month and is for those who have already graduated from Elements.