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Here at JC Sacramento, we believe in living a lifestyle of constant learning and growth! There are a few different courses available here at JC Sacramento, and we’d love to see you at one (or them all!).

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Elements Course

12:15pm - 1:45pm


The Elements Course

Discover your place at Jesus Culture Sacramento

The Elements course is a 3-week course that takes place most Sundays at 11:00am on campus. Complete this course by attending all 3 classes/weeks consecutively. During the 3 weeks, you will receive an overview of what we believe and are pursuing as a church family. You will have the opportunity to interact with some of our pastoral staff, hosts, leaders, and get connected with others who are new and looking to plug into this community as well. We cannot wait to get to know you and walk with you as you navigate whether you will call this church home.


Defining the Relationship

Building a foundation for a healthy and happy life together

You and your significant other will embark on an incredible journey with us for 5-weeks in a powerful eCourse taught by Danny Silk. This course is designed to help equip and guide you both in what it means to define the relationship and build a foundation for a healthy and happy life together.


The Blessed Life Course

Creating a culture of generosity

Generosity is a normal part of the lifestyle of a follower of Jesus, because we take our lead from a generous God. We believe that this course will impact every area of your life: your finances, family, emotions, health and relationships. When we align our lives with God’s values and design, every part of our journey benefits. The course consists of 4 sessions and will run every other month and is for those who have already graduated from Elements.


Loving Your Kids On Purpose

Restoring hope to parents for a healthy, fun and flourishing family environment

This course will equip you and teach you how, as the parent, to create the best possible environment for your child to grow in. Ben and Brittney Serpell are right in the thick of it with you as they share what has actually worked for their own family. You can come expecting a very interactive course as they talk through all things parenting.


The Father’s Heart

Grow your connection to the Father’s heart

Do you struggle to experience the love of God for you personally?
Do you know that God loves you with your head, but your heart is not so sure? Are you hungry for more and want to grow in your connection with the Father’s heart?
Do you struggle to see God as “good all the time” or constantly feel like you are having to earn His love?
If so, this course is for you!
In this foundational course, Anthony and Angela West teach Biblical truths and draw from their own journeys to equip you with practical principles and tools; through Bible based teaching, encounters, activations and personal ministry times.


Growing In Prayer and Intimacy With God

Discover how God is committed to our intimacy

Whether you are a seasoned or new believer, we can all grow in prayer and our intimacy with God. God is speaking all the time and this course is designed to help equip you on how to hear God’s voice and recognize the different ways that He speaks. We will look at essential belief systems and core values and expose the lies that tell us God ‘plays hard to get’, ‘withholds Himself’ or is ‘distant’. Discover how God is more committed to our intimacy with Him than we are and explore different types of prayer. This course will teach you practical and effective ways to grow in prayer and intimacy with Him.


Discover the Prophetic

Strengthen, comfort and encourage others!

Come and explore this amazing gift called the prophetic and discover how through it you can “strengthen, comfort and encourage” others! This course combines Biblical teaching with opportunities to put that teaching into practice through multiple activations in a fun and safe environment.