Designed to help you engage with the Father and mature in Him

Prayer & Intimacy Course

Led by Anthony and Angela West

Whether you are a seasoned or new believer, we can all grow in prayer and intimacy with God! This course is designed to help equip you to experience His Presence, hear His voice and connect with His heart through prayer and intimacy. We will look at essential belief systems and core values and expose the lies that tell us God ‘plays hard to get’, ‘withholds himself’ or is ‘distant’ and ‘hiding’. Discover God’s original intent for a vibrant, life giving, close relationship with His sons and daughters and how He is even more committed to our intimacy with Him than we are! This course will furnish you with practical and effective ways to grow in prayer and intimacy through Bible based teaching, encounters and activations!

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Led By Jess Gilstrap and Cody Williams

Elements is the first step in making JC Sacramento your home church. You will receive an overview of what we believe and are pursuing as a church. You will have the opportunity to interact with some of our pastoral staff, hosts, leaders, and get connected with others who are new and looking to plug into this community as well. We can't wait to meet you!

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