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The Elements Class is a three-part journey designed to help you grow as a follower of Christ, understand the heartbeat of this house, and be empowered to serve.

What To Expect

Elements is the first step in making JC Sacramento your home church. You will receive an overview of what we believe and are pursuing as a church. You will have the opportunity to interact with some of our pastoral staff, hosts, leaders, and get connected with others who are new and looking to plug into this community as well. We can't wait to meet you!

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Meet the Leaders

Jess is our Connections Pastor here and loves every opportunity she gets to love and champion people to their fullest potential.

Cody is our Director of Development and is passionate about helping people become all God has called them to be.

Both have powerful testimonies of how God led them to where they are today and are looking forward to let you in on that journey and hear about yours too! Sign up for Elements today to dive deeper with us!

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