The Elements course is a 3-week course that takes place most Sundays at 11:00am on campus. Complete this course by attending all 3 classes/weeks consecutively. During the 3 weeks, you will receive an overview of what we believe and are pursuing as a church family. You will have the opportunity to interact with some of our pastoral staff, hosts, leaders, and get connected with others who are new and looking to plug into this community as well. We cannot wait to get to know you and walk with you as you navigate whether you will call this church home.

Next Course Dates:

Location: Folsom high school Room A:209

January 12th (Week 1 of 3), January 19th (Week 2 of 3), January 26th (Week 3 of 3)

February 9th (Week 1 of 3), February 16th (Week 2 of 3), February 23rd (Week 3 of 3)

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